Bespoke Courses for Clients - 2 Day Slinger Signaller ( Bespoke) Non CPCS -

Available on clients site

Pre Course Requirement

Customer to provide suitable classroom facilities and crane with loads for day two

Target Delegates

This is a bespoke course is aimed at companies who require operators to undertake the role of slinging and signalling for the movement of loads using lifting equipment. It is advisable that candidates should have at least a basic knowledge and some experience of the role.

Course Content

Title: Slinger/Signaller 
Duration: (2) Two consecutive
Cost: £POA


The aim of this course is to provide candidates with practical and theoretical knowledge in order for them to undertake the role of Slinger Signaller. Following successful completion of the course candidates will be able to select the correct lifting accessories, attach them to loads safely and guide the load using appropriate hand signals.

Topics covered during this course include: 

  • Legislation 
  • Codes of practice 
  • BS7121  
  • Roles and responsibilities of personnel involved with lifting operations 
  • Documentation and certification for lifting equipment and lifting accessories 
  • Lifting accessories 
  • Types of accessories and use
  • Slinging techniques 
  • Down rating of accessories
  • Sling angles 
  • Communications 
  • Establishing load weight and centre of gravity 
  • Proximity hazards 
  • Selecting lifting accessories 
  • Verifying documentation and certification 
  • Attaching accessories to different loads 
  • Signalling for the lifting, transferring and positioning of loads 

There will be a practical session covering 7 hours minimum. PPE required.


Successful candidates will be awarded an Ainscough certificate of training endorsed Slinger Signaller and will be valid for 5 years. Please note that on major construction sites this may not satisfy the training requirements where a CPCS card is required. If you are unsure please call the number shown below for further advice.

Next Stage

This card has a 5 years recommended expiry

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