CPCS Blue Card Renewals

Pre Course Requirement

To Renew the CPCS Blue card you will need to:

  1. Pass the relevant HS&E Test
  2. Pass the relevant CPCS Renewal Test (RT Test)
  3. Have 300 hours in your logbook

Please refer to the Renewal Page for full information about the CPCS Blue Card Renewal.

Not got Logbook hours?

Then you will need to complete an On Site Assessment (see below)

Did you complete an NVQ to renew your CPCS Card?

No? Then you will need to complete a NOCN CPCS Competence Interview (see below)

The NOCN CPCS Competence Interview is for card holders who did NOT complete the NVQ to gain their CPCS blue card (Grandfather Rights)

**If you completed the NVQ when you upgraded from red to blue then you will not need to complete this.


Target Delegates

NOCN CPCS On Site Assessment

The CPCS On-Site Assessment is for candidates who need to renew their Blue CPCS card.

It is a practical assessment of operating ability carried out in the workplace or at a CPCS test Centre. It can act as an alternative to taking the standard CPCS Practical test or completing a Logbook when renewing the CPCS Blue Competent card. There is a CPCS On-Site Assessment for each Category, but for the categories with endorsements, the endorsement must be specified and the assessment taken on the appropriate piece of plant.

NOCN CPCS Competence Interview

The NOCN CPCS Competence interview is a short discussion with a CPCS tester about your experience and knowledge in the industry. You can find more information about the NOCN CPCS Competence interview by clicking here: NOCN CPCS 


Course Content

Title: CPCS On – Site Assessment 

Duration: One day

Cost: £250 plus £28 per category plus VAT (Includes card fees)

Categories delivered at ATSL or Clients Sites:

  • A60 Mobile Crane
  • A60A Mobile Crane – Blocked Duties only
  • A60B Mobile Crane – Pick-and-carry duties only
  • A60C Mobile Crane – All Duties
  • A40 Slinger/Signaller

Appointed Persons (A61) and Crane/Lifting operating Supervisor (A62) do not have a category-specific on –site Assessment. There is however a Renewal Assessment that requires a detailed endorsement of the individuals operating ability in the role. Please click on the following links for these forms:

A61 Renewal / Competence Assessment

A62 Renewal / Competence Assessment


The NOCN Competence Interview

Duration: 1/2 Day

Cost £100 + vat and £28 notification fee

Cost for both: £325 + vat and £28 notification fees



Successful candidates will be awarded a Blue CPCS Competent Operator Smart card endorsed with the relevant category.


Next Stage

The Blue CPCS card has 5 year expiry date and will need to be renewed every 5 years.