CPCS Mobile Crane Operator & Slinger Signaller Combined – 12 day course – Lancashire

Pre Course Requirement

Anyone wishing to attempt a CPCS Technical Test leading to the award of a CPCS card MUST have evidence that they have undertaken and passed the relevant Health, Safety & Environment Test within the last 2 years of taking the technical test.

This is a 45 minute touch screen multiple choice test consisting of 50 questions. This test can be taken at various Pearson Vue test centres though out the country, you can arrange your own test and locate your nearest test centre by clicking here.

For the CPCS Mobile Crane & Slinger Signaller  course you would need The Health Safety & Environment test for Operatives.

Revision is strongly recommended for the Health & Safety Test; revision books, DVDs and downloads are available from CITB store.

For more information about the health & safety test, including which test you need, how to book, revision downloads, please click here.

Also a good understanding of spoken and written English. Please contact us if you have any concerns in this area.

For the CPCS Appointed Person course a thorough understanding of lifting operations is required.

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  • Name
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Target Delegates



Candidates having some previous experience of operating hydraulic lifting equipment is essential (Tele-handlers, Lorry Loaders, Rough Terrain Forklifts, Mobile Elevated Work Platforms, 360 Excavators.) 

Both courses are aimed at anyone who is required to operate mobile cranes for lifting operations on construction sites and other allied industries.

Good hand/eye co-ordination is also required. Please note that a Group C category licence is required for driving on the open road, however this is not essential for the course. Please note we do accept Resettlement Funding from the MoD


Course Content

CPCS Mobile Crane A60 endorsement C (All Duties) & Slinger/Signaller A40 – (Endorsement A) All duties

Eleven / twelve day. Mobile Crane (Excludes Sunday).

The aim of this course is to provide candidates with underpinning knowledge in order for them to understand the role and responsibilities of the Mobile Crane Operator and Slinger/Signaller. Following successful completion of the course candidates will be able to rig and de-rig a truck mounted crane on blocked duties, operate the crane to lift, transfer and position loads and carry out routine maintenance and also undertake the role of the Slinger/Signaller by selecting the correct lifting accessories, attach them to loads safely and guide the load using the appropriate hand/radio signals.

Topics covered during this course include:

  • Legislation – LOLER, PUWER, HASAWA, codes of practice – BS7121
  • Roles and responsibilities of personnel involved with lifting operations
  • Crane appreciation – crane types, capabilities and limitations
  • Duty charts
  • Crane terminology
  • Documentation and certification for lifting equipment and lifting accessories
  • Crane stability/ground conditions
  • Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) and Safe Working Loads (SWL)
  • Lifting accessories, types of accessories and use
    Down rating accessories
  • Communications (Radio, verbal and hand signals etc.
  • Rigging and De-Rigging of cranes according to written instructions
  • Configuring cranes according to work specifications
  • Hoisting, slewing and derricking following the instruction of the slinger/signaller
  • Controlling load movement
    Routine maintenance
  • Attaching accessories to different loads
  • Signalling for the lifting, transferring and positioning of loads
  • Selecting lifting accessories
  • Establishing load weight and centre of gravity
  • Verifying documentation and certification of lifting accessories
  • The 12 day course includes cab and lever familiarisation

Please note that the CPCS Technical (Theory) test questions are available to review prior to attending the course. Please click hyperlink below:

CPCS Mobile Crane Operator Theory Test Questions

CPCS Slinger Signaller Theory Test Questions

Grants available for companies registered with CSkills. Please contact your local grant office for current rates.



Successful candidates will be awarded a Red CPCS Trained Operator card endorsed with the category Mobile Crane Endorsement C (All Duties) & Slinger Signaller A40 Endorsement A All Types All Duties.


Next Stage

Please note the Red CPCS card is only valid for 2 years. Within this time you must complete your NVQ level 2 Diploma to convert from Red card to Blue card. To book your NVQ please click NVQ booking.

The Blue CPCS card is valid for 5 years.


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