As an experienced Appointed Person I found this course to be excellent, Steve had excellent experience and was very knowledgeable, he identified new areas I needed to be aware of.

Grant Howard


The Course was very clear and concise, the instructor was very good at stopping to ensure all the class understood and answered any queries very well.

The instructors experience of cranes was very important to the course.

Steve Sorrell

Balfour Beatty Construction

Legislation is constantly changing and its imperative our company keeps up with this.

This has been a positive and informative process for all our staff that I have put through the NVQ assessment with Ainscough Training Services. They were able to suit the individual learning needs of each candidate in a timely and painless manner!

Robin Kettlestring

Portakabin Group of Companies

Working with instructors that are very experienced in all aspects of crane work has been excellent and very enjoyable. I found all staff at Ainscough Training Services to be very helpful and polite.

Tony Roscoe

Cara Construction

Steve is a great tutor with great knowledge of cranes. Excellent course I learnt a great deal from both the instructor and the course.

Andrew Graham

Volker Rail

I was very impressed with the service I received from Tim Morgan for my NVQ assessment, his knowledge support and helpfulness were exceptional.

I would definitely recommend Ainsough Training Services as an efficient and effective training provider.

Steven Peggs

Contract Lift Solutions

Tim was very helpful and amicable, he had a very pragmatic way of dealing with the NVQ assessment and supported me well during the process.

Andy Clay

Kim Barker

In a nutshell it was a superb course that I found intensely interesting.

Geoff Burkill

Carl Stahl Evita

I have used Ainscough Training Services ever since I started with the company and they have always been very helpful and knowledgeable. They help us identify what we really need. I would definitely recommend Ainscough Training to other businesses.

Sarah Thomson

Construct HR

Everything that was put to me on the course was done so in an excellent manner by the trainer. All was good and very enjoyable.

Paul Weston

Grosvenor Power Services

Good; Instructor, very experienced, straightforward presenting style. Very good material made the assessment very straight forward.

Phil Boyes

William Hughes Civil Engineering Ltd

The course was well structured and delivered at just the right pace for all those who attended. It was clear from early on, that the instructor had in depth knowledge and experience of mobile cranes, and was able to relate the theory to practical examples throughout his working life.

I was particularly impressed in the way he was prepared to go the extra distance to ensure that the candidates had a thorough understanding of any particular; subject.

This was further supported by the ability to relate to practical studies based to the Ainscough organisation fleet of cranes and competent personnel.All in all it was a very enjoyable week.

Chris Marshall

Magnox North