After successful completion of the CPCS Technical Test candidates are issued with the Red Trained Operator Card. The red card lasts for just 2 years and in this time card holders are required to undertake the relevant NVQ to upgrade to the Blue Comptent Operator card. Blue cards have a 5 year validity. Although it is a mandatory part of the CPCS scheme the NVQ is a stand alone qualification awarded by the Construction Awards Alliance which endorses competence in the workplace.

Ainscough Training Services is an accredited centre for NVQs. We can take you every step of the way to ensure you attain the qualification you need. As an employee assessment service we provide competence based qualifications for those working with lifting equipment in various industrial sectors.

These qualifications can be used throughout your working life and can be taken from site to site with the knowledge that it shows the employer you are competent and able to work to recognised industry standards.

When the time is right for you to climb the ladder of promotion, the qualification gives proof you have reached a certain standard within your occupation.

To match the individual needs of the employer we can also design and deliver bespoke assessments for example those who undertake lifting operations on an infrequent basis. Contact us for more information on how we can help you with your requirements.

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