Straight to Blue CPCS card

If you are experienced in the role of Appointed Person or Crane Supervisor you may be able to take advantage of our Straight to Blue option.

To go straight to the blue CPCS card for these categories you would attend the training and take the CPCS theory and practical tests and be assessed for the NVQ within the same week.

This is ideal for potential candidates who have let their red CPCS card expire over the grace period, or, they are very experienced in the category and can compile the evidence for their NVQ.

In order to assess if you could do this, before any booking was taken from you, we would profile you and discuss your experience and evidence to ensure this was the correct route for you.

If not and you you needed to gain your Blue CPCS card quite quickly, you could take the option of the Blue card package. This covers the course, CPCS tests, red CPCS card and the NVQ and Blue CPCS card. We would induct you for the NVQ during the course, but assess your evidence after the course.

The Blue card package can also be done for both the Appointed Person, the Crane Supervisor and the Slinger Signaller and Mobile Crane Operator.

For more information and to understand the best route for you please call 01772 623591 or email and we will be more than happy to help you and advise the best option for you.