Did you know that the red CPCS card will only last you 2 years?

You will get a year’s grace on your red CPCS card, so that means you are still in the CPCS scheme, but your red card will not be in date during this time.

This can be a massive help if you are in-between jobs, at least you know you can still get back into the CPCS scheme within these 12 months, without having to redo the training and the CPCS tests.

How do I extend my red CPCS card?

Within the 12 months grace period, you can apply for a red CPCS card extension, however, to get the red CPCS card extension, you must register for your NVQ (National Vocational Qualification). The NVQ will take you to your blue CPCS card which will last for 5 years.*

How do I get a Blue CPCS card if my red CPCS card has expired?

If you have allowed your red CPCS card to expire over the 2 years, we can still help you to renter the CPCS scheme.

When your red CPCS card has expired over 2 years, we would need to check your CPCS record to accurately identify the best route for you;

The options may be that you need to do the Blue card package which would include the training, testing, CPCS tests and the NVQ. Or, You could just need to re do the training and the CPCS theory and practical test to gain a second red CPCS card.

The best way to move forward with renewing your red CPCS card is to check with a training provider that trains on the category you need to re new. At Ainscough Training Services we can help you renew your red CPCS for the CPCS A40 Slinger Signaller, the CPCS A62 Crane Supervisor, the CPCS A61 Appointed Person, the CPCS A60 Mobile Crane Operator, CPCS A17 Tele Handler, CPCS A66 Crawler Crane and Compact Crane.

The NVQ  is what CPCS require you to complete so that you can apply for your Blue CPCS card.

The NVQ is competence based and is achieved in the workplace, so it is important you are in the role of the category you need to upgrade your CPCS card in so you can be assessed in the work place and provide work based evidence.

*How does the NVQ gain me my blue CPCS card?

The NVQ assessment recognises your performance at work with a nationally recognised qualification. All skills are assessed through work-based evidence and because of this there are no exams or end tests. Certification is based purely on evidence of your skills.

On successful completion of the NVQ you will gain the NVQ certificate in the qualification. The NVQ is a lifelong qualification and can then be used to upgrade your red CPCS card to a blue CPCS competent card.

Ideally you would start your NVQ within the first 12 months of gaining your red CPCS card, however if your red CPCS expires whilst you are completing your NVQ and you have not already had a red card extension, you may be able to get a red CPCS card extension, to enable you to have an in date red card whilst you gather the NVQ evidence.

How do I get a Blue CPCS Card?

The Red Trained Operator card will only last for 2 years. In this time you are required to undertake the relevant NVQ in order to upgrade your card to the Blue Competent Operator Card. The only way to get a red card extension and to remain in the CPCS scheme is to complete the relevant NVQ.

To complete the NVQ you will be required to submit work based evidence and also complete an assessment by observation with the assessor. Ainscough Training Services is an accredited Cskills Awards centre offering NVQs relating to the lifting industry. For all the CPCS training we offer we also offer the corresponding NVQ so we can take you through the whole process from start to finish.

With Ainscough Training Services you can book the Blue Card package, which is the most cost effective way that also saves time to gain your red and then your blue CPCS card. This will give you the training, then on successful completion of the CPCS theory and practical tests your red CPCS. Before you leave the training we will induct you for the NVQ and once the NVQ is completed this will take you to the Blue CPCS Competent card.

When you sign up for the NVQ with Ainscough Training Services you will be assigned your own personal Assessor who will guide you through the whole process, including providing evidence examples, so you know exactly what you need to prepare. We take care of everything else, there are no additional travel expenses, no hidden costs, the price quoted with Ainscough Training is what you pay.


On successful completion of the NVQ, you will need to ensure you have a health and safety test for the relevant category that is within 2 years and send the evidence of the health and safety test along with your NVQ certificate and the blue card application form to the address on the blue card application form, along with making a payment to CPCS for £28. Full explanation of this is on the blue CPCS card application form.

When you book the Blue card package at Ainscough Training Services we will do this for you at no extra cost. You will however need to have an in date health, safety and environment test for the relevant category for CPCS to release a blue CPCS card for you.

For more information and help with your CPCS card please call 01772 623591 (Mon – Fri 8.30 – 4pm) or email info@ainscoughtraining.co.uk