Last place CPCS A73 Vehicle Marshaller course

30 October – 1 November
Includes full training, testing and CPCS card fees.

Lancashire venue

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At our Lancashire training centre, we take pride in offering the CPCS A73 Vehicle Marshaller Course, a bespoke training program designed to equip individuals with the crucial skills and knowledge required to safely and effectively marshal vehicles on construction sites. Understanding the pivotal role that vehicle marshalling plays in maintaining site safety, our course is meticulously structured to cover all essential aspects, from understanding vehicle movements to communication and coordination techniques. Our experienced instructors, equipped with the latest industry insights, ensure that each participant gains both the theoretical knowledge and practical experience necessary to excel in their role as a vehicle marshaller.

We recognise the dynamic nature of construction sites and the critical need for competent vehicle marshalling to prevent accidents and ensure the smooth operation of site logistics. Therefore, our CPCS A73 Vehicle Marshaller Course is not just about fulfilling a requirement; it’s about maintaining a safety culture. By incorporating real-life scenarios and state-of-the-art training materials, we aim to instil a deep understanding of safety protocols and the importance of vigilance on site. Our commitment to delivering high-quality training reflects in our graduates, who leave our course not just as certified professionals, but as advocates for safety and efficiency in the construction industry.

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