CPCS Blue Card Renewal

CPCS Blue Card Renewal

To renew your CPCS Competent Operator Card, you must meet the following requirements:

(please note this is a brief overview to simplify the process.
Full information can be found on the 
on the CITB website
  • Pass the relevant CITB Health, safety and environment test 
  • Pass the CPCS Renewal Test for each category or group of categories held 
  • Demonstrate on-going practical operating experience through a choice of routes:
    - Logbook
    - On-Site Assessment
    - CPCS Practical Test
    - SVQ or NVQ
Your CPCS Blue Competence Operator Card must be within 5 years of its expiry date to renew using this route.  If the card has expired over 5 years please see 

1. CITB Health, safety and environment test
You are required to have passed the relevant Health, Safety and Environment Test within the last 2 years:

Health, Safety & Environment test for Operatives Test
Mobile Crane Operator
Tower Crane Operator
Lorry Loader

Health, Safety & Environment Specialist Supervisors test or MAP Test
Crane Supervisor

Health, Safety and Environment test for Managers and Professionals (MAP)
Appointed Person

Please click here for more information about booking the test and purchasing revisionmaterial.https://www.ainscoughtraining.co.uk/page/53/Health-and-Safety.htm
2.CPCS Renewal Test
You are required to pass the CPCS Renewal Test within the last 2 years in the category or group of categories you want to renew. To check which Renewal Test modules you need to take and also to download revision factsheets please use the online Module Matcher. 

Please note that bookings for the Health, Safety & Environment Test and the CPCS Renewal Test can be made at the same time.
3.Demonstrate on going practical operating experience (please see below for A61 & A62 categories)
By either:

Recording 300 hours per category in your CPCS Logbook*. The hours will need to be validated by a CPCS registered validator**.
*Please click here for an electronic version of the logbook.
**Please click here for CPCS Validator application form 

On Site Assessment
If you have not kept a log of your hours you can complete an On Site Assessment (OSA) at our training centre at Leyland, Lancashire. This would be a short 30 minute test (per category) with a CPCS tester. On successful completion the tester will validate your card application. 

Please click here for more information about our OSA service. 

***Appointed Person (A61) & Crane Supervisor (A62) Categories***

To renew the A61 & A62 categories you will need to either:

Complete the CPCS Competence Renewal Assessment for the relevant category:
A61 Renewal / Competence Assessment

A62 Renewal / Competence Assessment

Complete the CPCS Technical Practical Test in the relevant category. Please contact us for more information. 

How to Apply for the Card
Blue cards can be renewed up to 6 months before their expiry date. To apply to renew the card you will need to complete theForm. 

CPCS F1/3 Application form

Guidance notes are printed on the reverse of the form but should have any difficulties in completing it please don…A¢t hesitate to contact us.  
For more information about the renewal process please visit the Cskills Website

Expired Blue Cards
If your blue card is beyond 5 years of the expiry date, to renew, you will need to:
CITB Health, safety and environment test in the relevant category, please see above to choose the correct one. 
Pass the CPCS Theory and Practical Tests for each category held. Please call us for more details. 
Hold the relevant SVQ or NVQ (if not held then the red trained operator card will be issued). Please click here for more information about our NVQ assessment service.