Career Opportunities for military service leavers.

How to get help for military leavers to gain training and qualifications post service.

Leaving the military can be a daunting prospect, as a military service leaver, you have served your king and country, so what do you do next?

The lifting industry (Cranes) can be a great place to look at starting your civvy street career, there are a lot of ex-military working in this industry so you can often feel like you have some of the same comradery.

Ainscough Training Services are a specialist training company in the lifting industry (cranes) and have many years experience with service leavers coming on their training courses.

One of the main reasons Ainscough Training Services gain a lot of interest from military service leavers is that over 40% of their Instructor and Assessor workforce are ex-military and they are approved by the Career Transition Partnership (CTP) and Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCAS).

Tim Morgan, Ainscough Training Services Director of Operations Served in the Duke of Wellington Regiment from 1984 to 2006.
Tim gave Ainscough Training Services his view; “I have to be honest I wasn’t 100% sure what sort of career I wanted to take after leaving the Army, I knew construction and everything connected with it would be a great choice, so my first job was a Yard / ops manager for temporary cabin company, which due to the nature of the size etc it required to be lifted. I first went on the CPCS Appointed Person (AP) course with Ainscough Training Services so I could plan the movement of these cabins. My experience of the crane industry grew from there and realised the enormity of the lifting industry. Eventually my career path came back to Ainscough Training Services.  When I saw the advert for an Assessor at Ainscough Training Services. I didn’t hesitate to apply as I had had such a great experience and support when I attend the AP training (and I was able to you my ELCAS)  and I am glad to say I  joined them as an Assessor and the rest is history!”

Tim Morgan joined Ainscough Training Services Ltd in August 2010 and has made significant progression through the ranks at Ainscough Training Services, displaying an incredible work ethic and loyalty to the company.
In May 2019 Tim was invited to join the board of directors for Ainscough Training Services Ltd.

Tim gives great advice to military service leavers; “ Try and focus on what you want to do as a second career and have the attitude and determination to achieve this.  Never compare the two;  because both are very different lifestyles, both with good and bad points.   Ensure you carry all the qualities and experiences you have gained in the Army and convert them to the needs of the civilian job environment.

Finally research every avenue and spend your resettlement money wisely in particularly look at the construction industry and our business “Lifting Operations. You don’t have to have experience and have worked in this field, there are many levels you can join.”

Enhanced Learning Credits (ELCAS) have approved Ainscough Training Services to accept funding from military service leavers. As Ainscough Training Services have demerged from Ainscough Crane Hire in 2001 and remained with the Ainscough family business, they now have a much wider network of crane companies who sometimes use them for recruiting from as well as their regular training requests. They also have access to information to other military funding opportunities such as the Arm Benevolent Fund and the Royal British Legion.

Ainscough Training Services  can help service leavers with the Slinger SignallerMobile Crane OperatorCrane Supervisor & Appointed Person categories.  ELCAS will fund up to 80% of  categories that are a level 3 and above, so they can fund the Appointed Person & Crane Supervisor. The Slinger Signaller and Mobile Crane are level 2 so you can use your Resettlement Grants and Standard Learning Credits for the Slinger Signaller

Ainscough Training Services get great feedback from ex-military candidates when they attend their courses;

Andrew Block (former Petty Officer Surveyor in the Royal Navy)
Completed the CPCS Mobile Crane Operator & CPCS Slinger Signaller course and took advantage of our expanding list of crane companies who are looking to recruit.
He successfully passed his CPCS tests for both categories and has secured a job near to where he lives.

Steven Freason Ex MoD Rank: Lance Corporal (LCpl) in the Royal Marines
“Everybody at Ainscough Training should be proud of what they do, as it’s a very professionally run company, from the first meeting, through to my final crane test I was fully supported at all times.
As a novice in the crane industry my training was delivered in a way I could take in a little at a time with more information slowly added, until it all came together before the tests, which I was fully ready for. I will definitely recommend you to anybody leaving the forces or thinking about getting into the industry”.

Jason Banning  serving in the RAF as a Senior Aircraftsman, working as a Mechanical Transport Driver.
“Becoming a Mobile Crane Operator is something that really appealed to me and hopefully gives me the opportunity to get a job as a Crane Operator and a secure future for myself and my family. Ainscough Training Services surpassed all expectations I had. Their teaching technique was fantastic. Their training gave a better understanding of all safety aspects of how the crane should be operated professionally. Most of the instructors had come from a military background, so this benefited me a lot as they understood the way we learn.”

Ainscough Training Services also attend military fairs with the BFRS throughout the year, where service leavers are invited to visit the fairs to gain ideas for their next step into civy street.

If you are a military service leaver you can contact Ainscough Training Services on 01772 623591 to discuss your situation with the team who are fully briefed on how they can help you move on from your military careerr and gain ideas as to what your next step will be. Or visit their website: and click on the military tab at the top or request a call back request, or email.