New for 2023 CPCS A66 Compact Crane & CPCS A73 Vehicle Marshaller

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CPCS A66 Compact Crane/Mini Crane/Spider Crane – this course provides comprehensive training for individuals aiming to master the operation of compact, mini, and spider cranes, which are pivotal in modern construction projects due to their versatility and capability to operate in confined spaces. This course is particularly suited for crane operators, construction workers, and site supervisors who are looking to expand their expertise and adapt to the evolving demands of construction sites that require precise and safe crane operations in tight quarters. Attendees will learn about crane setup, safe operation, handling loads, and navigating through restricted areas, ensuring adherence to health and safety standards. Upon successful completion, successful candidates will be awarded a Red CPCS Trained Operator card endorsed with the category Compact Crane A66 A.

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CPCS A73 Vehicle Marshaller – A 3-day, comprehensive training course for Vehicle Marshalls on constructions sites. Ideal for construction workers, site supervisors, and anyone involved in the coordination of vehicle movements within construction environments, this course offers a deep dive into the principles of vehicle marshalling, communication protocols, and safety procedures. Upon completion, successful candidates will be awarded a Red CPCS Trained Operator card endorsed with the category CPCS Plant and Vehicle Marshaller A73

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