New Year, New Career?

Considering a fresh start in the new year?

Explore the Exciting World of Cranes and the lifting industry!

Why not consider embracing a new career path in crane and construction – a decision that could transform your professional journey.

Ainscough Training Services is your trusted partner in this endeavour, offering training programs for roles such as CPCS Slinger Signaller, CPCS Crane Supervisor, CPCS Appointed Person, CPCS Mobile Crane Operator, CPCS Crawler Crane, Compact Crane & CPCS Vehicle Marshaller.

Our training offerings span across the UK and extend internationally, catering to a diverse range of industries. This includes lifting operations in construction, manufacturing, engineering, transportation, aerospace, renewable energy, utility sectors, and service to the Ministry of Defence (MoD).

Whether you’re seeking valuable skills or certifications, Ainscough Training Services provides the opportunity to acquire them. Many of our clients opt for the CPCS card, widely accepted on UK construction sites.

We assist many candidates in transitioning from their CPCS red card to the CPCS blue card by acquiring the required NVQ qualification. If this is a requirement for you in the upcoming new year, feel free to reach out to Ainscough Training Services. They can provide guidance and support, and even offer advice on obtaining a red card extension to allow more time for completing your NVQ.

What sets Ainscough Training Services apart is our commitment to customization. We offer tailored training programs, conducted at our Lancashire training centre, Central London or a client’s site, to meet specific needs.

One distinctive feature is our extensive industry network. Companies that train with us often turn to our successful candidates who have booked independently rather than through a business for potential job placements. While employment cannot be guaranteed, we’ve compiled a list of independent crane companies that may offer exciting opportunities for those who successfully  complete our training programs.

For those new to the lifting industry, the CPCS Slinger Signaller course is an excellent entry point, providing a solid foundation for a successful construction or many of the other industries that are supported by our training courses.

Our training sessions, equip you with the skills and certifications essential for thriving in the construction sector & many more industries.

Start the new year by exploring possibilities and investing in your future with Ainscough Training Services.